The Book of the Revelation is not just a fascinating journey through dreams, visions and allusions given to the Apostle John by Jesus.  It is an instruction manual on how to prepare for and live in the days following the Resurrection of our Messiah. More specifically, it is an absolutely essential instruction manual for those living in the very last of the Last Days.

The series on the Book of The Revelation began almost 2 years ago with teachings out of the first 3 chapters on the 7 Letters to the congregations in Asia Minor. It then took a pause and began again going through the remainder of the most important chapters and teachings through the rest of the Book. It concludes with teachings on the Fall Feasts, bringing the Book of The Revelation and the redemption plan of God to its final conclusion.

If you are interested in preparing for what many believe are the very days we are living in today, review this series from the beginning. Jesus promises that if we "read, hear and obey" the instructions in this book, we will be blessed. No other book of the bible makes that promise.

Be Blessed!!!