Shabbat Service Recording 5-27-23

So...What is CBY All About?

We're so glad you asked! The simple answer is...we celebrate and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob - the God of the Bible - just as any other congregation might. Well...sort of. We do admit that we ARE a bit different than most. As one of thousands of Messianic Congregations around the world and a member of the Beth Yeshua International family, we are a cross section of every nation, tribe, people and language who love God. But, what we are most of all is a congregation that yearns to follow in the footsteps of our Messiah Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew). Hence the name Beth Yeshua, which means "House of Yeshua."

There are so many Jewish people wanting to understand how fellow Jews have come to believe in Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah. Likewise, there are many Gentiles who have long desired to understand more about the Jewish roots of their Christian faith. Can you relate?

If you can, or even just curious, we invite you to check us out. You may just find what so many of us have already found: that the God of Israel is the God of a very "Jewish" Messiah, who just so happens to be the Savior of the world. And, our God has not changed - He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Come join us as we follow our Yeshua and His first-century talmidim (disciples) in Hebraic worship of the One True God - Jew & Gentile, one in Messiah!

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How Should Gentile Christians Respond To The Jewish People?
The One New Man

"Paul’s principle of 'to the Jew first' should raise the following questions for Gentile Christians: Do I have a sincere love for the Jewish people? Do I value the Jewish roots of my faith? [Or] has [the false and repugnant doctrine of] replacement theology shaped my understanding of the gospel? When was the last time that I shared with a Jewish friend about Yeshua (Jesus) the son of David? Is Jewish ministry a priority of my church? Do I encourage Yeshua-believing Jews to retain their Jewish identity as a matter of calling, or to assimilate for the sake of being “one in Christ”? Do I have relationships with Jewish followers of Yeshua? If so, are these relationships characterized by interdependence, mutual blessing, and mutual humbling? Do I give to Jewish charities and advocacy organizations? Do I fight antisemitism in the Church and the public square, or look the other way? Do I regularly pray for Israel and the well-being of the Jewish people worldwide? All of these are spheres of life that will be impacted when we experience Spirit-led vision to bring the gospel to the Jew first as Paul taught."              - Dr. David Rudolph

Beth Yeshua International - Worldwide Outreach

Small Family, Big God, Enormous Impact!!!

Scripture Of The Month
Acts 17

10 But as soon as night fell, the brothers sent Sha’ul and Sila off to Berea. As soon as they arrived, they went to the synagogue. 11 Now the people here were of nobler character than the ones in Thessalonica; they eagerly welcomed the message, checking the Tanakh every day to see if the things Sha’ul was saying were true.